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What We Do


As houses age, degradation
of plumbing is inevitable.
We bring things back up to standard.


Pure Plumbing Solutions are registered boiler installers and gas fitters with a great reputation in the Epsom area.


Persistent water or gas leaks can result in damage. Give us a call to repair them promptly.


We happily undertake all aspects of boiler servicing.

Call us today on 07981 980 981 when your drain is giving you trouble. Get a 12 month warranty on all work produced by us, and insured registered service provider.


We Can Do:

  • Pipe layouts
  • Pipe sizing
  • Drainage and venting
  • Hidden pipework
  • Easy access
  • Advice on materials

Whether you’re building towards your dream home, or annexing new rooms to your property, you’ll require durable plumbing to make it functional. Pure Plumbing Solutions has a keen eye for aesthetics and in-depth knowledge on materials and pipework, including that of the inconspicuous and sometimes hidden areas of the building.

We Can Do:

  • Pipe layouts You have enough to worry about when designing a house. Leave the pipe layouts to us. We can ensure that water gets to where it’s going in the most efficient and easily accessible manner. We fit pipes neatly and compliantly in accordance to the structure of the room.
  • Pipe sizing Pipes are intended to transport fluids, making the most important attribute its inside diameter. There are two factors which determine pipe sizing. The first is a nominal diameter size and the second is a schedule for wall thickness. We’ll be able to recommend the options that best suit your needs.
  • Drainage and venting Effective drainage means water will be voided when you pull a plug, and be transported away cleanly. A detail not to be overlooked when setting up the decorative frills of your new bathroom or kitchen. Ventilation ensures clean air is circulated through the building, a necessary attachment to any business and home.
  • Hidden pipework Disguised or concealed pipework is the key to finishing a room with a sleek or minimalistic feel. We’ll make sure pipework is operating at full capacity while remaining neatly out of view, ensuring a smooth finish that lives up to what you envisioned.
  • Easy access Easy access will ensure you can reach the plumbing work at a later stage in order to make fixes, changes or improvements. This is crucial to long-term functionality, and poor forethought into accessibility could result in unnecessary upheaval or destruction of parts of the house in order to reach the piping.
  • Advice on materials A lot of thought and effort goes into building. Using the most suitable materials for their role could help save you expenses and complications in the future. Through years of carefully garnered experience, we’re able to provide prime advice on the materials that best correspond to your needs.

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For all your plumbing, heating, drainage and gas related solutions, give us a call on 0203 6336 981.

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“Sean was very helpful and completed the work for me exactly as I required with a minimum of fuss. He was polite, neat and tidy and obviously very skilled at plumbing and central heating requirements.”

Davina, KT22

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