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As houses age, degradation
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Pure Plumbing Solutions are registered boiler installers and gas fitters with a great reputation in the Epsom area.


Persistent water or gas leaks can result in damage. Give us a call to repair them promptly.


We happily undertake all aspects of boiler servicing.

Call us today on 07981 980 981 when your drain is giving you trouble. Get a 12 month warranty on all work produced by us, and insured registered service provider.


We Use:

  • Colour video inspections
  • Hydro jetting
  • Main line stoppages
  • Drain stoppages
  • Roof drains
  • Clean out installations

Most people don’t think much about unplugging the sink, stepping out of the shower, or flushing the toilet. But ultimately, every one of these basic, essential activities requires the background process of drainage. There are a number of things that can go wrong with drains. We at Pure Plumbing Solutions have run the gamut of problems, and resolved every one. This includes repair and maintenance on commercial businesses, residential properties and school facilities. We utilise the latest and most effective equipment on the market to detect the cause of the problem and to ensure that your drains channel freely.

We use:

  • Colour video inspections A colour video inspection entails using a camera to attain video capturing of the inside of your drain. This will enable us to identify the exact obstruction or source of concern. The most likely cause of the problem is a broken pipe or invading tree roots.
  • Hydro jetting Hydro jetting is a process used to rid drains and sewage systems of blockages. It utilises a high-speed blast of water to cleanse the internal pipework and free room for steady flow. Signs you may require hydro jetting include detecting strong odours or discovering pools of water in range of pipework.
  • Main line stoppages This is when the main sewer line connecting your plumbing to the municipal sewer system or a septic tank becomes clogged. It is considered a plumbing emergency, as extensive damages can occur when the water leaks back up through the drains. Not only is this dirty, secondhand water a disgusting sight, but it is also laden in harmful bacteria, and could cause severe water damage.
  • Drain stoppages A stoppage in drains can be caused by any number of reasons. Recurring problems with a clogged drain could be an indication of an infiltrating tree root. We’ll be able to determine the specific cause of your problem, and provide the work necessary to resolve it.
  • Roof drains Roof drains are designed to transport stormwater from the roof of a building to the drainage sewer or a retaining area. If you encounter a blocked or leaking roof drain, or simply need a new roof drain installed, we’d be more than happy to assist.
  • Clean out installations Drains can easily become congested with debris, or infiltrated by root growth. Excessive build-up could require costly equipment and serious digging. Why not prevent the issue altogether? If you’ve experienced blockage in the past, or would simply like to avoid blockage in the future, an effective cleanout system could save you money in the long-term.

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“Really great! Agreed a time and turned up when he said and gave us the great advice on what was required to fix the our leak. Will definitely use Pure Plumbing Solutions again.”

Marshall , TW12

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