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As houses age, degradation
of plumbing is inevitable.
We bring things back up to standard.


Pure Plumbing Solutions are registered boiler installers and gas fitters with a great reputation in the Epsom area.


Persistent water or gas leaks can result in damage. Give us a call to repair them promptly.


We happily undertake all aspects of boiler servicing.

Call us today on 07981 980 981 when your drain is giving you trouble. Get a 12 month warranty on all work produced by us, and insured registered service provider.


We Do:

  • Shower and kitchen installations
  • Shower pumps
  • Planned maintenance
  • Taps and fixtures
  • Toilets (residential and commercial)
  • Water heaters (gas and electric)

We fulfill special requirements, including:

  • Power flush service
  • Guttering (cleaning and or replacement)
  • Drain jetting
  • Boiler installation

There’s nothing more frustrating than faulty plumbing. Pure Plumbing Solutions is the leading service provider for leaking pipes, broken toilets, and damaged fixtures in the Epsom area, dedicating ourselves to resolving issues as efficiently as possible.

We Do:

  • Shower and kitchen installations Bathrooms and kitchens are rooms of the house you utilise every day. From renovations to entirely new installations, we’re able to help you create a home that is both tailored and functional. We’re detail-oriented, ensuring that tiles line up correctly, fixtures are positioned in the most accessible manner, and everything is specified to your personal tastes.
  • Shower pumps A well-fitted shower pump can last you an average of 8 years. We make sure the pump is fitted for easy future access in case something breaks within that timeframe. We recommend the best pipes on the market, based on cost-effectiveness, warranty, quality and relevant traits such as noise factor. We can also help mend any issues you may have encountered with your current pump, including leaks or a refusal to turn on.
  • Planned maintenance We’re experts on how the internal goings of a building should operate. From residential to commercial, including school facilities, we’ve restored and maintained a wide array of equipment. Planned maintenance is a scheduled and recurring service, in which we arrange set times and days for enacting maintenance work and checks on your building.
  • Taps and fixtures Functioning taps, among other fixtures, are vital to the usability of the home. Whether you’re redesigning your sinks, upgrading older models, or simply replacing worn out or outdated fixtures, we’re readily available to offer lucid advice and faultless installations.
  • Toilets (residential and commercial) Broken, clogged or stubborn toilets pose a serious problem, particularly when it is the only one on the property. Repair work can be a messy job. Fortunately, we’re trained and experienced in resolving any operational and plumbing problems, be they internal or external, from single household toilets to a wide expanse of commercial toilets and urinals.
  • Water heaters (gas and electric) We’ll help you take the necessary factors into consideration when selecting and installing water heaters, including the size of the household, and the space you have available to fit the heater. We can also help you repair or replace the water heater you currently own.

Got a Problem? We’ve Got the Solution.

For all your plumbing, heating, drainage and gas related solutions, give us a call on  0203 6336 981.

Our business is family-run and prides itself on being the neighbourhood call-out. We value word of mouth, and go out of our way to meet your needs. We offer fair and honest advice, affordable and competitive rates, and guarantees on all our services. This has earned us a wonderfully positive reputation in both residential and commercial settings in Epsom, Surrey. If you require anything more specific, don’t hesitate to ask!

We fulfill special requirements, including:

  • Power flush service Power flushing is a focused cleansing effort that removes build-ups of sludge, dirt and rust from your central heating system without causing any damage. Its purpose is to restore circulation throughout the system, but it can also help with reducing noise. Discoloured water, excessive noise and cold spots on the radiator could all be indications that you require a power flush.
  • Guttering (cleaning and or replacement) Keeping your gutter in optimum condition could save you money in the long run. If you suspect problems such as overflow or blockage, we can assist you with professional services such as drainage, maintenance and replacement. Gutters should also undergo cleaning on an annual basis. We provide a thorough cleansing process that will ensure free flowing drainage and stop possible leakage from entering your building.
  • Drain jetting Drains channel more than simply water. They’re often trying to facilitate flushed dirt, hair, soap and other household debris. We make use of high-pressurised water jetting to flush out drain systems, eradicating any unwanted substances and blockage, and freeing the channel for clear flow. Signs it’s time to clean your drain include detecting a foul odour, experiencing poor or no drainage in your bathtub or sink, or spotting puddles of water on your bathroom or kitchen floor.
  • Boiler installation A properly installed domestic boiler could last for well over a decade. If your boiler does need replacing, we can assist with determining the adequate size for your needs, and undertaking effective, durable installation. We are Gas Safe, and offer periodic checks for determining the current status of your boiler.

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Power Showers and Pump

“Sean is a true professional, on time, explained the work and fixed the issue. I’ll use him again and recommend him to everyone!”

Elliott, KT13

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